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At Vitalyse LifeSciences, it is our endeavour to offer you wellness solutions for Healthy Living. Our quest for a healthy lifestyle led us to extensively research organic and natural products, with therapeutic qualities that offer optimum nutrition and enhance the body’s abilities to improve Immunity, General Wellness, Anti Ageing, Ingestible Beauty, Gut Health, Weight Loss, Energy, Sleep and more, with no side effects. Our Products are proudly Made in India at State of the Art facilities that are WHO – GMP Compliant, ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 Certified, FSSAI, US-FDA Approved.

Vitalyse Wellness Strips™ offers a wide range of one of the Best Health Supplements in the world, made using Proprietary Nanotechnology offering the fastest absorption and highest bioavailability of active nutrients in the body as compared to any other oral delivery mechanism. 


Also known as Oral Thin Films (OTF) or Oral Dissolving Strips (ODS), it is one of the most efficient nutrient delivery mechanisms in the world today. It is easy to consume, as you just keep the strip on your tongue and it dissolves in a matter of seconds. With each strip packed in individual pouches, it is also convenient to carry around. With its great taste and ease of consuming, it is the Best Health Supplements for Kids too!

With access to targeted health solutions, through our range of Nutritional Supplement Strips, you can feel, perform and look better in all aspects of life.


We strongly believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Our Nutraceutical product range is designed to help you build a strong foundation to avoid future health problems so that you can lead the active, healthy, and vitalized life you deserve. Choose from the different options of our Dietary Supplements, based on your lifestyle. Our products may help your body build the immune system to fight various ailments and diseases.



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Organic & Natural Ingredients

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Proprietary Nanotechnology

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Fastest Absorption of Nutrients

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Highest Bioavailability of Nutrients

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Easy to Carry & Consume

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Range of Products for Various Health Benefits

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