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Probiotics and its health benefits

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Although bacteria give us a very bad vibe but there are some good bacteria and some bad ones. Probiotics are the good beneficial bacteria or yeast that reside in our body that help us stay healthy and maintain the proper functioning of our immune system. The probiotics help us in fighting the bad bacteria when there are too much of it and also a healthy gut improves immunity by 70%. But the next question arises that where do these probiotics live in our body? There are several places in our body where these probiotics can multiply but the most common place is our gut. Our gut provides them a soothing environment to multiply. Though there are organs too where these live and are in contact with the outer air like mouth, skin, lungs, vagina, etc. If we talk about the types of good bacteria, then the list is endless but these two are very famous for their health benefits and easily available- Lactobacillus – Found in Curd Bifid bacterium – Found in Fruits and whole grains, vine, vinegar

Medical conditions in which probiotics can help us heal:

There are a lot of research happening daily at our Vitalyse R&D labs to find how we can incorporate probiotics to get rid of diseases. However, there are some medical conditions that can be treated by probiotics but the outcome for one might not be the same for other people too.

Some of the conditions that can be taken care by Probiotics are:

  • Diarrhoea

  • Constipation

  • Inflammatory bowel diseases

  • Urinary Tract infection

Foods that can give us probiotics:

There are a lot of foods in the market that have these beneficial microbes to keep you healthy. These foods can be incorporated at any meal of your day. Here are some suggestions for you to make your diet probiotic rich:

  • Yogurt

  • Butter milk

  • Fermented pickles

  • Soft Cheese

Taking a probiotic Supplement: Supplements can be taken in any of these forms:

  • Foods

  • Drinks

  • Vitalyse Wellness Strips – Healthy Gut – Natural Probiotics Strip

  • Pills

Probiotics can also be combined with prebiotic to increase its benefit. Prebiotics are the food for your good micro- organisms in your gut. They keep your good bacteria healthy. Some of the prebiotics are: 1. Inulin 2. Pectin 3. Reistant Starches

Risks related to Prebiotics:

Probiotics are considered really safe for you but there can be complications if you have any medical condition that weakens your immune system or if you recently had a surgery. The Risks can include infections. Probiotics for kids: Probiotics can be really very beneficial for kids as well as the adults. If your child is undergoing a course of antibiotic then consuming probiotics can be used to shorten the symptoms. Probiotic can be used to get relief from Constipation, acid reflux, gas or eczema. Introducing probiotics using yogurt or cottage cheese in your child’s food is a good option to fill the need of good bacteria for their gut. Another best proven solution is to give them oral dissolving strips from Vitalyse that they can consume without any problem as it dissolves in mouth and has shown no side effects ever.

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